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Accelerating the Customer Experience

How automotive brands can create A 360-Degree view of the customer

To succeed in today’s highly competitive market, automotive manufacturers need to create a single 360-degree view of their customers, with the ability to track and understand their behaviours, to make sure they don’t miss sales and retention opportunities.

But in an era of data overload, this can be hard to achieve!

Did You Know?

  • Companies currently support an average of eleven communication channels
  • Premium car customers have 25% more interactions in the buying cycle
  • Car buyers switch an average of four times between online and offline channels
  • But only 8% of organisations believe all their customer contact channels are connected

This white paper provides strategies to help you collate, integrate and make sense of your customer data, so your customer service represenatives have the knowledge and tools to provide accurate, responsive and personalised service throughout the buyer journey. It covers:

  • The importance of customer service as a key differentiator, with more competition and vehicles becoming more commoditised
  • How to create a single view of the customer, including technology, processes and people, in order to provide the best possible customer experience to make customers feel unique and valued
  • How the use of new technologies like artificial intelligence can support a more proactive approach to customer service

Don’t get left in the slow lane when it comes to understanding your customers!

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