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Our expert insights focus on the topics that matter across the public and private sectors, and how these can be addressed to truly transform services and help organisations deliver more for their customers.

In the driving seat: Putting the customer at the heart of the connected ecosystem

69% of drivers would be happy to share in-car data with service providers. How can the mobility sector use the explosion of data to create new services, build long-term relationships and unlock multiple value exchanges?

Creating this customer-centric ecosystem to deliver services offers enormous opportunity, but also represents a threat – if the sector doesn’t do it, someone from outside the industry almost certainly will.

What’s in store for retail? Looking ahead to what the future holds for customer experience

We’re living through one of the most turbulent times the UK retail industry has ever seen. But with challenge comes opportunity. We speak to leading experts from Mamas and Papas, Benefit Cosmetics, Lloyds Bank, the UKCCF and Quantspark on how businesses across the sector are transforming how they engage with customers to build for the future.

The countdown to 2035: Preparing the industry for the electric vehicle take over

As the UK automotive industry faces a once in a generation transformation, we ask four of its leading experts what the journey to 2035 and the transition to electric vehicles currently looks like. Alongside award-winning journalist Quentin Willson, hear from leaders at LKQ Euro Car Parts, The AA and Lloyds Banking Group.

Rethinking customer experience: Reframing customer intimacy during the metamorphosis of the agency model & beyond

We partnered with changemaker to bring together experts from across the automotive industry – from OEMs, retailers, and platform providers to insurance and compliance experts, industry bodies, security experts, and designers – each with their own unique perspective on how to reframe customer intimacy.

Accelerating the customer experience: How automotive brands can create a 360-degree view of the customer

The onset of the digital age has changed the way customers shop and engage with businesses. One person will use multiple devices throughout their car purchase, meaning it’s crucial for automotive brands to create a ‘single customer view’. This white paper explains how you can gain a 360-degree view of your customers, to be able to track and understand their behaviours, to deliver outstanding customer experience.

The ultimate guide to social media customer service for automotive brands

Automotive companies were early adopters of social media. But where they have been in pole position for promoting their brands through social media, they have been slow off the mark for realising its full potential as a channel for customer service. This ultimate guide includes a case study for Groupe Renault, as well as tips and strategies to help you fine tune your customer service via social media to improve the customer experience, maximise brand loyalty and grow market share.

Four customer service strategies for survival in the era of the connected car

The automotive industry is going through what is arguably the greatest period of transformation since it was formed at the end of the 19th century, with the  evolution towards electric vehicles (EV), autonomous vehicles (AVs) and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS). To survive in the new environment, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have to act now to make sure they put the customer at the heart of everything they do. Our experts have pulled together four key strategies that OEMs can implement to adapt to digitalisation and deliver an outstanding customer experience that builds loyalty and creates value for the consumer.

Customer 2027: How automation, RPA & AI will transform the way that companies deliver customer service over the next decade

Robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) are set to revolutionise the customer contact centre, with advancements in new technologies transforming the way that customers interact with brands. Our white paper takes an in-depth look at how the development of new technologies will transform customer service, reviewing how it could potentially impact both businesses and the contact centre workforce, over the next ten years.

Five key steps to make shared services a success

Delivering on the promise of high quality public services has never been more challenging for government organisations. As a result, there has been a growing push to find new efficiencies – sharing services has long been championed as vital to tackling the budget challenges the public sector faces. Our experts discuss our successful shared services operation with the Department for Transport and look at the five key steps organisations should consider for future programmes.

Creating a single customer view across an organisation

The digital age has changed the way customers shop, as well as how they interact and engage with businesses. In order to keep pace with consumers’ ability to research and buy products, effortlessly, wherever they are, customer service must be responsive, effective and delivered across multiple channels. This report focuses on how organisations can create a single view of the customer, driven by data and insight, to provide the best possible experience.

Making shared services a success in the private sector

With growing competition and global economic uncertainty, businesses are facing greater pressure than ever to increase their productivity and profitability. The shared services model can be an effective solution to realise efficiencies and leverage economies of scale in the back office. Our experts discuss five key steps organisations embarking on a shared services journey should consider and how to pick the right technologies, including automation to underpin these services.

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