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Utility Providers Focus On Customer Loyalty In Competitive Market To Drive Increased Retention

Market deregulation has significantly increased competition for energy providers, at a time when smart metering is changing the relationship between customers and utilities. The bar has been raised for service levels to build and retain customer loyalty. Many water, gas and electric providers are turning to smart customer relationship management in order to offer premium customer service across phone, online and mobile channels.

Arvato helps our utility and energy partners transform their business processes, from online finance services and billing solutions, to customer contact solutions and loyalty programmes.

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Deregulation of utility providers has significantly expanded choice for customers. It is now crucial for companies to have the right technology and processes in place to provide the fast, accurate and personalised service customers demand.

Omnichannel Experience

Integrating digital and traditional contact channels is the key to providing a seamless customer journey. Our solutions allow organisations to deliver a true omnichannel experience for their customers, increasing loyalty and maximising revenue.

Effective Retention & Upselling

Tariffs are multiplying and customers are increasingly willing to switch provider for a better deal. Arvato’s solutions allow utilities to gain deep insights from customer data and provide a more meaningful, personalised experience, to drive retention.


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At Arvato, we help utilities companies build loyalty through personalised customer service across all major channels.

Digital Customer Services

Arvato’s solutions allow energy and water providers to offer premium customer experience across all channels, including in-person, online, mobile apps and by phone to win customers and build loyalty in a competitive marketplace.

Self-Serve Platforms

In the age of smart meters, customers want more control than ever over the utility services they consume. We help companies provide intuitive digital experiences that give customers as much autonomy as possible over their service queries.

Proactive Social Media & Community Management

Social media is the new battleground for many industries. We enable utility providers to stay on top of online discussions, and respond quickly to enquiries and complaints, and shape these conversations to build trust.

Switching Support, Processing and Billing

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Our ProcessAutomate RPA solution eliminates and automates manual, repetitive, labour intensive processes. This means providers can seamlessly manage switching, contracts and billing with minimal effort, freeing up staff to work on value added tasks.

Single View Of The Customer

Our 360-degree view of the customer solution allows agents to view all relevant customer data and recent interactions in a single dashboard. With access to accurate, contextual information, telecoms companies can quickly and personally manage every transaction.

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Customer 2027: How automation, RPA and AI will transform the way that companies deliver customer service over the next decade

Our white paper takes an in-depth look at how the development of new technologies will transform customer service, reviewing how it could potentially impact both businesses and the contact centre workforce, over the next ten years.

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