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How we’re helping this charity unlock sky-high savings

Discover how our digital transformation programme is unlocking powerful efficiencies for the Wales Air Ambulance Charity – futureproofing its operations, and enabling it to spend more on its life-saving work

Generate your strategy for success

Try our CX transformation roadmap builder, and in just three minutes see exactly how your organisation can reduce its costs, boost donations and improve quality of service

How automation can drive back-office transformation

Are time-consuming admin tasks taking up your employee and volunteers’ time? See how automation can shoulder the load – meaning they can focus on more valuable work.

Third sector / not-for-profit

You’ve got limited resources, but big ambitions. And how you spend is under close scrutiny. But you need to deliver digital transformation across your organisation and upskill your employees.

Sound familiar? We can help you maximise the impact of your work by supporting your digital initiatives and driving new efficiencies, so you can dedicate more to your cause. Transform your back-office and donor-facing services with our cutting-edge automation and customer experience solutions that will save you time and money, strengthen engagement, drive trust and boost revenue. We’ll help you pinpoint opportunities to do more with less, pick the technologies and tools that will make the biggest difference and develop a transformation strategy with a clear ROI. It’s your great work, done even better.

Challenges facing not-for-profit

Unlocking operational efficiencies

Every penny and minute counts. Every penny and minute must go further.

Our solutions make it happen. We help you re-imagine your workflows and processes to identify where you can cut costs and save time with tools like intelligent automation.

Find out how automation can transform the back-office

Delivering seamless donor experience

Donors expect to be able to engage at any time, on their channel of choice. Can your organisation respond quickly and consistently?

Our customer experience services are the solution – meaning you can provide excellent service, every time, on every channel.

Learn more about how our solutions deliver

Supporter engagement and retention

You have the challenge of maintaining existing donor support.

Here, personalised, proactive outreach is key. We use artificial intelligence to deliver the engagement that can make the difference – getting in touch with tailored outreach, on the right channel and at the right time.

Discover how to create a hyper-personal approach

Data privacy, security and compliance

Stakeholders and regulators expect transparency and require compliance. You’re also trusted with data from donors and beneficiaries, with no room for error.

Our solutions support your compliance and reporting processes and are secured to government standards. Be confident you’re in safe hands.

Read about our industry-leading accreditations.

Speak to the specialists who can help you do more with less.

Experienced. Forward-thinking. Secure. We’re the partner that can help drive real transformation and support your valuable work. Speak to our not-for-profit team and discover how we can help you on your mission.

Who we work with

Our solutions

A powerful pair of hands

Use intelligent automation to shoulder manual, repetitive, back-office tasks. Complete work quickly, for less, with guaranteed accuracy – all while freeing-up your team’s valuable time.

Business process automation

Insights to action

Design innovative strategies that will transform how you engage with stakeholders and donors – from improving retention, to enabling seamless omnichannel capabilities.

CX strategy and consulting

Service excellence

We combine agents’ expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver insight-driven donor experience services that will help drive their engagement, gain their trust and help maintain their backing.

Contact centre as a service

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