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Telecommunications Companies Call On Technology To Enhance Customer Lifecycle Management To Retain Customers And Increase Profit

Telecommunications service providers are accustomed to outsourcing elements of their activities to external partners, typically to increase capacity to support increased demand. The qualitative aspect becomes particularly important given their high enquiry volumes, their numerous products on offer, and the pressure to be ahead of competitors in this constantly changing marketplace.

The Internet of Things is also increasing the connectivity of people and everyday items and devices on a scale once unimaginable, creating masses of data and new business opportunities. In this environment, companies must comply with dynamic regulatory changes and address their customers’ security concerns.

For any telecommunications company, harnessing experienced customer support and technology is key to winning and retaining customers. Our sector specialists understand the accelerating pace of change in the sector and our solutions are highly integrated, which ensures process efficiency and transparency across the entire value chain.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Maintaining Quality Customer Service

Telecommunications service providers operate in a highly competitive environment. As a result, any slip in service can play into the hands of rivals. We provide high quality customer service support, at scale across multiple languages.

Resolving Queries Quickly

Customers expect issues to be solved rapidly. Our customer service solutions help you understand and predict complaints, leading to accurate and timely responses. Using intelligent routing, enquiries are sent to the most relevant agent.

Managing The Customer Journey

In an industry with high customer churn rates, it is important that service providers are able to acquire new customers. Arvato’s automation solutions make steps such as onboarding, activation and contract management automatic and efficient.

Technology To Make A Difference

Our analytics solutions, allow telecommunications companies to understand customer behavior and manage interactions more intelligently and personally, enabling more effective upselling and retention, based on customer preferences.


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Our Services. Your Way.

At Arvato, we help you build true loyalty with excellent service throughout the customer lifecycle. Telecommunications companies use our expertise in solving each of their core challenges.

Telecommunications Customer Service

Arvato helps telecommunications service providers to offer premium customer experiences across all channels. We enable businesses to efficiently manage incoming enquiries and proactive outbound campaigns, such as informing customers of new products.

Multilingual Support

We help ensure telecommunication companies can provide the same high quality customer experience whatever market they operate in. Through our multi-lingual service hubs, we can provide support in all major languages.

Customer Journey Consulting & Transformation

Telecommunications companies count on our consulting, development and transformation services to design and transform their customer journeys into a complete lifecycle. This includes attracting and securing customers to onboarding, cross selling, upselling, and winning back customers.

Switching Support, Processing and Billing

Our ProcessAutomate RPA solution eliminates and automates manual, repetitive, labour intensive processes. This means providers can seamlessly manage switching, contracts and billing with minimal effort, freeing up staff to work on value added tasks.

Single View Of The Customer

Our 360-degree view of the customer solution allows agents to view all relevant customer data and recent interactions in a single dashboard. With access to accurate, contextual information, telecoms companies can quickly and personally manage every transaction.

Self-Serve Platforms

Our self-serve platforms enable your customers to easily find services and solve issues themselves. Combined with the use of chatbots, they greatly reduce the administrative burden on your business, freeing staff time for more complex queries.

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