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Livestream social e-commerce: what can the automotive sector learn from retailers?

Authored by Mike Sloman, Business Development Director. Social media is playing a critical role in helping automotive firms tackle the ‘consideration challenge’. Done well, it drives user engagement and slashes the distance between the point of inspiration and the point of sale, ultimately increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. Implementing ‘live’ elements in social feeds takes this to a whole new level.  


How to deliver a single view of your customers

Authored by Mike Sloman, Business Development Director at ArvatoConnect. It’s essential that brands have an in-depth understanding of their customers to deliver the seamless, highly-personalised experiences that they expect in today’s retail environment. Here’s how we’re helping our clients deliver the all-important ‘single view’, and also benefit from putting the data they collate to effective use.


How retailers can use tech to augment human agents

Authored by Mike Sloman, Business Development Director at ArvatoConnect. Customers want speed, accuracy and personalisation, but not if it means a service that feels cold and without a human touch. Part of achieving this is balancing the unique skills and capabilities of human agents with the speed and analytical power of technology – using the right resource, at the right time, to get the right outcome.


How can tech-driven customer service help deliver net-zero retail?

Authored by David Morton, Sales & Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect. While it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about sustainability strategies, customer experience – supported by the right technology – has an important part to play in helping brands reduce their environmental footprint.