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The agency model: What’s the key to success?

Colin Gittens, our Director of Operations, spoke alongside changemaker to AM Online about how the agency model is inevitable in the automotive industry. They discussed how it’s not a matter of if traditional OEMs join in, but when; why we’re starting to see this shift now and what the key ingredients for success are.


What’s instore for retail? ArvatoConnect and CXFO partner to explore the future of the industry at roundtable event

Experts from across the sector – from leading online fashion retailers and consumer banking companies, to start-up disrupters and a beauty membership service – all joined together to discuss the current challenges and opportunities for customer and employee experience at Customer Experience Foundation (CXFO)’s roundtable, hosted in partnership with ArvatoConnect.


The agency model: What does it mean for driver experience?

David Morton, Sales & Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect, spoke to AM Online about how agency models are turning traditional vehicle purchasing models on their head – and with it, demanding new thought to the customer experience. How can brands deliver the service that today’s drivers expect – and that will keep them coming back for more?


What are today’s automotive CX imperatives?

Authored by David Morton, Sales and Solutions Director, ArvatoConnect. As industry experts highlight in our new report, automotive brands can no longer simply pin revenue and reputation to a good piece of machinery that delivers when customers turn the key.