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In the bag: Three critical focus areas for retail customer experience

Retailers are facing more challenges than ever before. We partnered with Customer Experience Foundation to bring together experts from across the industry to decipher how brands can strike the balance in customer experience.

New in-store: The future of retail

In our report, hear from five of UK retail’s leading lights on how the sector is changing, what opportunities are facing brands, and how they’ll need to adapt their customer experience strategy to succeed.

Three retail imperatives

Discover how cutting-edge customer experience and back-office solutions will help retailers deliver against today’s biggest operating challenges – from using AI to help boost sustainability, to using automation to ease labour and supply pressures.


Tightening margins, increasing competition from new online sellers, eroding brand strength and customers that want everything now. When others see the challenges this brings, we see the possibilities.

We combine foresight, agility and our expertise to help you seize new opportunities and continue to grow. We leverage new, tech-driven tools to deliver immersive, personalised and engaging experiences and use intelligent automation to help you better manage WISMO and WISMR requests. We use analytics, and insight to help shape and reimagine customer journeys, experiences and back-end processes. Always joined-up, simplified, and with ingenious technology at the heart. We help you optimise every single touchpoint to maximise your sales opportunities, reduce customer effort and costs. With more than 15 years’ experience supporting some of the world’s biggest retail businesses, you can trust us to have your success in the bag.

Challenges facing retail

Tackling the ‘returns tsunami’

Retailers across the board are facing soaring return volumes.

Our insight-driven customer service and contact centre solutions help brands stem the flow by personalising service – increasing the likelihood of buyers making the right purchase first time – and more efficiently handle order (WISMO) and return (WISMR) enquiries through automated processes.

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Managing rising costs

Costs for everything from labour to shipping are mounting.

Our intelligent automation solutions can help you unlock efficiencies by managing high-volume, repetitive tasks quickly – saving you up to 95% in cost-per-process, and freeing-up your people for more value-add work.

Discover the difference our automation solutions can make

Sustainable success

Retailers everywhere are under pressure to operate more sustainably – across the whole supply chain.

We help brands reduce environmentally intensive purchasing behaviour through smart CX – from using augmented and virtual reality to help reduce returns, to supporting subscription models designed for the circular economy.

Find out how customer service can help deliver net-zero retail

Channel of choice excellence

Customers are engaging with brands across more channels than ever before, increasingly using mobile devices and social media.

Our digital engagement platforms and contact centre services ensure you give customers a consistent, seamless experience and quality of service however they choose to interact with you.

Learn how to create a single customer view

Customer experience and back-office excellence? It’s in the bag.

Want to keep your customers queuing out the door? Our experts have the experience and technology to deliver a bespoke CX strategy that’ll mean they’re running for the tills.

Who we work with

Our solutions

Put a plan in place

End-to-end consultancy, with clear objectives and expected ROI, that pinpoints the customer experience technologies and approaches that will make the biggest difference to your business – and your customers.

CX strategy and consulting

Keeping pace with customers

Use powerful customer service automation tools that work with your agents, and independently, to help improve service quality, boost sales, drive retention and unlock time and cost efficiencies

Customer service automation

Under the skin

Create an all-important 360-degree view of customers and unlock actionable insights that improve quality of service, and increase sales

Insights and analytics

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