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Create The Perfect Retail Experience Enhanced With Smart Technology

The retail sector is becoming increasingly competitive as new e-commerce businesses disrupt traditional high street business models. Margins are being compressed and brand strength is eroding. Creating a great customer experience – both in-store and online – is now a key competitive differentiator for retailers and a vital way to build loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and stand out amongst the crowd.

We help retailers navigate through busy peaks while maintaining a premium experience across an ever-increasing number of contact channels and touch points. By using data analytics to drive customer insight, providing customer care across any channel, and leveraging technology to ease the pain of seasonal ramp-ups, our customer service solutions provide you with a single view of your customers so that you can provide a personalised experience and drive value from every interaction.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions

Premium Retail Experience Throughout Peaks & Troughs

Offering high quality retail experience against fluctuating demand is a major challenge. Retailers look to our technology and expertise to help ramp up quickly during peak periods for customer service support.

Insights For Personalisation & Upselling

Retailers need to understand their customers to keep pace with the demand for personalised content and offerings. Our analytics solutions open up access to customer insights, empowering cross-selling and upselling capabilities.

Managing Growth & International Service

It’s a challenge for retailers to expand into new, unfamiliar markets. We operate on a global basis and have experience of providing customer services in major languages, with native speakers communicating to your customers.

Ready To Go Solutions

We have a wealth of experience in providing support to build loyalty, increase retention and drive continued purchases. We design, implement and manage customer service solutions, allowing clients to focus on their core strengths.


Customer contacts handled annually for a high street retailer


Times conversion rate increased by introducing 360-degree view of customer for an e-ticketing firm


Customer enquiries handled over two-month summer sales


Per cent year-on-year growth supported since the beginning of partnership with high street retailer

Our Services. Your Way.

At Arvato, we share your drive for offering a perfect retail experience to your customers.

Retail Customer Service

Our solutions allow physical and online stores to offer a premium customer experience. We leverage new technologies and fully immerse agents in your shopping experience, to create high quality and scalable services for the world’s leading brands.

Multilingual Customer Service

We provide multi-lingual customer support from either a single location, or dedicated regional centres through our global alliances, where we can leverage native-language speaker.

Customer Journey Consulting & Transformation

We help retailers map out their customer service processes and optimise them, creating a high-quality, scalable model that can be ramped up quickly and rolled out across different markets and countries.

Proactive Social Media & Community Management

Did you know that customers expect responses to social media requests within 30 minutes? We help retailers manage online discussions and respond to enquiries and complaints in timely fashion, and create opportunities to enhance their brand.

Single View Of The Customer

Our 360-degree view of the customer solution allows retailers to centralise customer data, regardless of touch points or online versus in-store, to deliver powerful personalisation and cross-selling/upselling opportunities.

In-Store Support & Online Automation

Imagine an in-store representative who is able to access all of a customer’s information with one click. Or a well-designed chatbot that can answer simple queries immediately. By leveraging the latest technology such as our ProcessAutomate RPA solution you can provide a higher level of customer service more efficiently, across all channels.

Who we work with

Unlike a traditional client/supplier relationship, Arvato fully immersed their teams in our brand and became an extension of our business. They embody the same culture and ambition that we champion. Their commitment to brand knowledge and focused, product-specific training has helped us to enhance the quality our customer service, ensuring we can solve more of our customers’ enquiries at the first point of contact. We would highly recommend them to any business.

Luke Schonenberger, Ecommerce Manager at Benefit Cosmetics UK

Our Industry Insights

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It’s time for retailers to up their personalisation game – How to guide

Today, delivering an outstanding experience for customers is about striking the right balance, between automation and the human touch, between hyper-personalisation and well-modelled standardised options, between tried-and-tested ways of working and innovation. Our experts explore how brands can achieve this balance in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

New industry infographic: Three retail imperatives for 2022

Customer experience and back-office solutions – from robotic process automation to intelligent chatbots powered by AI – will help brands meet today’s biggest retail challenges. Read our infographic to find out how they can unlock time and cost efficiencies, and deliver the consistently high quality service your customers expect.

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