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Tech Companies Demand Global Customer Service Support With Efficiency, Flexibility And Scalability

The hi tech industry is constantly being disrupted and as such tech companies need speed, flexibility, and the ability to support customers as they expand into new geographies, if they are to make gains in the global economy. For technology companies, culture is everything. Selling products or services comes with the need to have highly skilled, passionate and culturally-aligned customer service representatives if they are to succeed.

Even the smallest start-up can suddenly turn into a global champion. Keeping customer service excellent, at scale, can be very hard for fast-growing businesses.

We help hi tech organisations and start-ups who struggle with quick growth to provide highly skilled resources across multiple channels, locations and products at short notice. By combining our hi tech expertise, with our multi-lingual capabilities, our proven, scalable solutions can help you to quickly drive growth, expand your global reach, increase your revenues and keep pace in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market.

Your Challenges. Our Solutions.

Ramping Up For Launches

It can be a challenge to employ and train staff to support product launch periods and seasonal peaks. Our experience in resourcing as well as a strong technological backbone enables clients to increase customer service capacity at short notice.

Selling Across Markets

Tech companies often rely on high growth across the global market to succeed. Arvato provides the multilingual language support for targeted markets and we understand how to match customer service to the culture of the country.

Managing Growth

In such a fast-moving industry, products or services can take-off and require massive scaling at short notice. Arvato’s expertise in ramping up and our strategic global partnerships mean we can quickly provide customer service across regions and languages.

Complex Customer Requirements

Products are often complex in the tech sector and agents require high level expertise. Through our global partnerships, we have experience providing pre- and after- sales support for some of the leading tech brands.

High Powered Solutions

Tech companies need to solve challenges quickly. Arvato has a wealth of experience in providing the automated platforms and human support to serve customers in evolving landscapes – while keeping pace with changing demand.


Per cent year-on-year growth through scaling multilingual online customer support for a hi tech company


Pounds of savings for a search engine company using our RPA solution


Customer satisfaction gained after three months for a start up

Our Services. Your Way.

At Arvato, we believe that the most exciting and ground-breaking tech products and services, need a customer service to match.

Multilingual Support

Through our multi-lingual hubs in the UK, or via our global partnership with Majorel, we are able to provide support for major languages across all regions.

Customer Journey Consulting & Transformation Services

By systematically mapping the customer journey, documenting and standardising processes, and implementing automation we enable companies to replicate and scale up their customer service functions quickly to meet increased demands.

Return Management

In the hi tech sector, returns can be costly, due to the high value of the products. Yet many returns can be avoided by providing customers with detailed product support and trouble-shooting potential issues before they happen.

Proactive Social Media & Community Management

Did you know that customers expect responses to social media requests within 30 minutes? We enable businesses to stay on top of online discussions, and respond quickly to enquiries and complaints, and shape these conversations to build trust.

Single View Of The Customer

Our 360-degree view of the customer solution enables you to understand your customers based on access to all of their information and recent touch points. This provides next best action prompts, allowing agents to provide a superior service, quicker responses and identify upselling opportunities.

Shared Facilities

Many of the sites managed by Arvato are operated from our client’s own facilities. This means being able to synch with our partner’s technology platform, while continuing to drive innovation.

Automation & Agent Augmentation

Our experience allows us to bring innovative customer service solutions to our clients. From automation and workforce management systems to robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), we help increase productivity and achieve more with fewer resources.

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Customer 2027: How automation, RPA and AI will transform the way that companies deliver customer service over the next decade

Our white paper takes an in-depth look at how the development of new technologies will transform customer service, reviewing how it could potentially impact both businesses and the contact centre workforce, over the next ten years.

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