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Hyper-personalisation, step-by-step

Want to deliver hyper-personalisation, but don’t know how to achieve it?
Our ‘how-to’ guide has the answers. CX brilliance is just a click away.

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How to deliver a single view of your customers

Insight is essential to any CX operation – and in driving all-important hyper-personalisation. But 46% of organisations don’t track and store the data they need to create tailored experiences. Discover how your brand build a true 360-degree customer view.

Insight and analytics

Tech to take you under the skin

Insight turns good to great. We help you deliver it.

Our solutions manage data, at scale, to create your all-important 360-degree view of customers and citizens; harness and analyse information to unlock actionable insights and deliver data on results and performance.

Combine data to create a 360-degree customer view.

Automatically analyse information and unlock actionable insights.

Easily report results through interactive dashboards.


Transactions supported by intelligent automation in the past 12 months.


Reduction in cost-per-interaction through AI-driven ‘next-best actions’.


Less human time spent on repetitive processes as a result of our solutions.

With our team, get the intelligence that matters

Our specialists know exactly how you can extract actionable knowledge and insight from your operations. Success is just a click away.

Delivering a 360-degree customer view

Your customers are generating data every second of every day.

But are you confident you’re capturing it? Is it all in one place? Is it all in one, consistent format? Ultimately, can it be used?

Using intelligent automation and next generation customer experience platforms, our technology helps you build and maintain an up-to-the-minute, 360-degree view of those who use your products and services.

Our solutions work 24/7, 365 days a year. They collect, collate and normalise data from every customer touchpoint, every stage of a customer journey and from every one of your own systems and departments into a single, central, place – all while working within the guidelines of privacy and data protection legislation.

It puts data at your fingertips – ready to be actioned – and delivers the foundation organisations need to shift from being reactive, to proactive, and deliver hyper-personalised services.

Insight at your fingertips

We use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to turn bits and bytes into CX brilliance.

Automatically analysing text or speech and extracting keywords and themes to help quickly route enquiries to the right agent and right touchpoint in the customer journey? Done.

Assisting agents by reviewing a customers’ purchases, feedback and engagements to generate bespoke next best actions, offers and service recommendations, all in real-time? Say no more.

Predicting where in their journey someone might need extra support based on previous experience? With our technology, it’s all in a second’s work.

It will delight and dazzle you as much as your customers – and help you increase sales, boost loyalty and drive engagement.

Automated assessment

Insight isn’t just for service and customer journey mapping– it underpins solid strategy too.

Our technology helps you analyse and pinpoint what’s working well and where further improvements can be made, whether that’s in your back-office, or your external-facing operations.

We work with you to design and deliver bespoke dashboards and interactive reporting tools that deliver a single picture of your performance, giving you the knowledge you need to make meaningful change.

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