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Tackling the efficiency challenge for public sector citizen services

With budgets tight and quality expectations constantly rising, running an efficient contact centre is vital for public sector organisations. Find out how digital contact centres are helping deliver more for less.

The cutting edge of digital customer experience

New technologies are disrupting retail CX – from augmented reality and AI to livestream e-commerce. Brands that can capitalise on them will gain a competitive advantage. Hear from industry experts on what retailers should be checking out.

The perfect fit for a fast-growing retailer

One global fast fashion brand needed a customer experience partner that could grow quickly with them, in multiple markets, and across multiple languages– all while handling surging customer volumes. Find out how we delivered.

Digital engagement platforms

Your springboard to CX success

Don’t let your CX efforts be held back by fragmented, inefficient systems.

We design and deliver bespoke digital engagement platforms that give your agents all the tools they need to delight your customers with integrated, powerful technology. This is everything you’ve ever wished for, CX-wise – all in one place.

Manage multiple contact channels, and multiple contacts, all at once.

Augment agents with AI – unlocking insights and slashing handling time.

Move from reactive to proactive service – driving sales and loyalty.


General queries managed through chatbots for a major automotive brand.


Of issues resolved first time through our contact centre solutions.


Reduction in call handling times for a fashion brand by integrating CRM systems.

Our digital engagement platforms. Your springboard to success

Operate across more channels, in nearly many languages, on a secure, flexible system. Speak with our experts today to find out how our cutting-edge digital engagement platforms could benefit your organisation.

Everything to everyone

Seamless. Integrated. Omnichannel.

Our platforms leave no gaps in your customer journey, and no white space in your customer profiles. Our solutions collate and compile data from across your organisation and across every touchpoint to give you the all-important 360-degree customer view through a single point of reference.

By applying cutting edge AI and automation technology to this foundation, we enable you and your agents to move from a reactive footing to predictive engagement.

Our platforms track customer and citizens’ journeys and activities throughout your organisation, enabling agents to see exactly where, when and how they’ve engaged with you in the past – providing opportunities for you to hyper-personalise service.

Our tools translate and transact in multiple languages. And we deploy conversational AI to automatically kick-start engagements with customers on everything from Whatsapp, social media, email to web chat, as well as generating recommended next-best actions for human CX teams, all in-real time.

The result? More sales and a better quality of experience.

Smoother journeys. Faster responses

Time is of the essence.

Customers want fast, effective service – our platforms deliver it. Using cutting edge chatbot and AI technology, we enable customers to effectively self-serve at all stages of their journey.

Whether that’s using FAQ chatbots to give realistic, human responses to simple queries, to ID & verification systems that automate your customers’ identification and security questions, these solutions reduce effort and save time, however a customer chooses to engage.

Meanwhile, our advanced telephony platforms minimise time on the line – for agents and customers alike. Intelligent routing puts contacts through to the right agent at the right time, while automated call back systems reduce time spent on hold. Music to everyone’s ears.

Keeping pace

As your needs evolve, our platforms can too.

We’re in it for the long-run. We not only support you in designing and implementing your digital engagement platforms as part of a digital roadmap audit, but our experts also work with and within your business to adapt and augment your platform’s solutions to meet new challenges, and capitalise on new opportunities.

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