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Delivering real transformation for Neath Port Talbot Council

Neath Port Talbot Council knew it could unlock time and cost savings by automating HR processes. But it needed the right partner. Discover how we delivered.

See AI and automation in action

Automation. Sounds great in principle, but how does it actually work? Try the tech for yourself through our demo lab, with a walk-through from one of our automation experts.

Augment human agents with AI and automation

Outstanding customer service is achieved through the right blend of people and technology. Discover how to get the balance right, and what benefits it can deliver.

Automation and AI

Leverage the power of technology

Turning data into actionable insights.

Deploy reliable, round-the-clock digital workers. Deliver real-time agent support. Unlock significant time and cost efficiencies. From contact centre automation to next-generation chatbots, we have the artificial intelligence (AI) and automation expertise and solutions to take your customer experience to the next level.

Streamline contact centre and back-office processes to save time and money.

Empowering agents with crucial insights,
in real-time.

Enable self-serve capabilities to boost engagement and retention.


Time saved by a global entertainment company, Fremantle on key financial reporting through our automation.


Reduction in advisor-handled queries through our chatbots for a premium automotive group.


Proportion of links clicked through AI-powered proactive SMS for a central government client.

Excellence through automation. In just one push of a button.

When it comes to automation, we know our stuff. Click below to arrange a free consultation with one of our automation experts, and discover how we can transform your operations.

Hands-free help – robotic process automation

Ever wanted an extra pair of hands?

Intelligent robotic process automation (RPA) delivers it. Our ProcessAutomate RPA solution mimics how humans complete repetitive, rule-based tasks. It completes those mundane, but essential, jobs that keep your operations ticking – from securely extracting data from finance and HR documents, to updating customer details on a CRM (contact centre automation).

Once running, the system requires minimal human input, and completes every job with 100% accuracy.

It means more headspace for your team to focus on the tasks that matter most, connects otherwise disparate systems and delivers cost savings too – cutting cost-per-transaction by as much as 95%.

Ahead of the curve – predictive routing & engagement

Timing is everything, especially with customer engagement.

Your content and support might be personalised. But if it’s delivered at the wrong stage in the customer journey, it’s useless.

Our solutions tackle this problem head-on. Through machine learning, we help analyse your customer and citizens’ sentiment, activity and intent to identify the right time to engage with bespoke offers or support, and on what channel – increasing sales conversion, reducing effort and helping drive retention.

Talking the talk – chatbots & conversational AI

Our solutions are smart.

They deliver context-dependent, personalised and human-like interactions, across every channel – unlocking self-serve capabilities that slash handling times, drive loyalty and engagement and reduce demand on agents so they can focus on the most complex issues.

They work both reactively and proactively – quickly providing customers with information when they need it and engaging them automatically to kick-start conversations at the right time, in the right way.

And they know when to escalate a contact to a human agent, delivering a perfect, resource-efficient, balance of technology and the human touch.

Power to your people – agent augmentation and agent assist

Our technology supercharges your agents’ abilities.

It immediately translates inbound and outbound speech and text into any language, analyses customer data and communications – past and present – to deliver bespoke, relevant ‘next-best actions’ and even provides step-by-step guidance through complex interactions so they can confidently deliver the right outcomes, every time.

Together, this provides the perfect blend of a humans and contact centre automation – one that reduces contact time, improves response time, boosts satisfaction and generates opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

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