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Meet ADE™ – Arvato Discovery Engine

Leverage objective and actionable data from your team to gain an in-depth understanding of how they allocate their time, pinpointing areas for improvement and opportunities to flourish. Allow ADE to identify repetitive tasks, spot areas for simplification and automation, and give your team members the chance to truly thrive.

Arvato Discovery Engine™

Innovation powered by you; digital orchestration powered by ADE™

Turning activity into insights.

Your transformation journey starts now. See in real-time how your teams and processes function. ADE is the helping hand to analyse gaps, discover opportunities, quickly identify potential areas for improvement, savings and automation, and ultimately free up your team members’ valuable time.

Accelerate your digital transformation journey

Increase productivity through intelligent recommendations

Identify tasks for automation, so your team can focus on doing what they do best

Increase speed to identify improvements compared to manual reviews

Monitor employee wellbeing – from spotting star performers to preventing silent quitting

Seamless integration with your existing systems

Digital orchestration, driving your team

ADE’s productivity mining highlights the full end-to-end process, including the impact this has on team members and ultimately the impact on your customers, clients, or end users – and how this can be improved.

How could it ADE your results?

2 months

ROI for a leading telecommunications company


Increase in automation


Process standardisation for leading BPO service provider 


Time spent for leading BPO service provider


Licence cost reduction for leading telecommunications company

4 months

ROI for a leading BPO service provider

arvato's discovery engine ADE in action with data screen

Standardisation that’s anything but standard

Immediately impact how your business functions 

When team members develop their own way of doing things, this can lead to a lack of standardisation, causing inefficiencies.​

Through productivity mining, these discrepancies can be identified earlier – and effectively transformed, making a real impact on your business.  

Transparent insights – helping your team feel seen

See in real-time how your teams function

Allow your people to shine with technology and help discover their true potential. Great ideas and performance can often be blocked by repetitive tasks and a lack of processes or standards.  

Integrating seamlessly through digital orchestration can allow your teams to function without the faff. 

arvato's discovery engine in action on laptop screens
arvato's discovery engine in action

Data-driven, but human-focused

Enable informed decisions that can bring the biggest benefit to your organisation and people. 

This data-driven approach ultimately leads to increased productivity, better visibility and control, and helps accelerate overall transformation. 

How does ADE do it?

ADE isn’t here to interrogate; ADE is here for insights. Team members have full access to their own data, providing them with the transparency to analyse and identify opportunities first.

ADE operates in the background of team members’ devices, analysing interactions while they’re completing tasks and using business applications.

Your bespoke digital dashboard highlights each process, generating recommendations geared toward maximising return on investment.

ADE collates the data it gathers into its Discovery Engine, where it’s prepped for analysis – and that’s where the magic starts to happen.

Our Discovery Engine then processes this data, fostering a deeper understanding of workflow behaviours and continuously improving its effectiveness.

arvato's discovery engine in action

Why Arvato?

We want to harness AI to remove mundane repetitive tasks, help answer simple queries, support people to be more productive, and provide an altogether better experience. This enhances the human element, allowing team members to add more value, or be creative and innovative, and handle work that requires empathy and emotions. We believe that you can remove, automate, and digitise a lot of the back office- and most of the ‘middle office’ too. Our skilled delivery team is experienced in both the public and private sectors, underpinned by supporting systems and processes. 

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