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How do digital customer service teams deliver more for less?

Public sector organisations are under constant pressure to deliver exceptional citizen services, with constrained, and sometimes shrinking, budgets. The right technology can help unlock powerful efficiencies – making time, and money, go further.

Choices, choices, choices: The right technology for killer insights

Hyper-personalisation is an expectation from customers and citizens – not a ‘nice to have’. But does your organisation have the processes and systems to deliver it? Find out what technologies will enable the insight you need.

Putting our technology where our mouth is

We’ll tell you how transformative our tools are. But why not see for yourself? Schedule a free session in our virtual demonstration environment, and get hands on with our solutions.

Digital transformation and technology

Our tools, expertise and experience

This is a digital world. Organisations thrive, or fall behind, on the strength of their technology.

Not every organisation is meeting its full potential. More than 80% of businesses believe they aren’t fully capitalising on automation. Three in five (59%) aren’t effectively drawing meaningful trends from data – the lifeblood of any operation. What’s more, there’s a constant pressure to evolve. As new tools are being developed, and customer and citizen expectations change, you must too.

Our digital transformation and technology services are the answer. We identify where your biggest transformation opportunities lie, and have the right mix of people, experience and technologies to help you achieve your objectives, and keep you ahead of the curve. We’re the team trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and innovative public sector organisations with their digital transformation journeys. See how we can help you.  

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Automation and AI

Our automation technology enables you to do more, for less – working with and for human team members to save you time and money, and generating insights that help you improve customer experience and drive sales. From digital workers that quickly and reliably complete repetitive back-office tasks, to AI-powered conversational chatbots, we have the solutions to unlock efficiencies in every part of your operation, and at every stage of the customer and citizen journey. 

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ADE™- Arvato Discovery Engine

Data drives informed decision-making – and with the Arvato Discovery Engine (or ADE for short), you can see in real-time how that data translates into productivity, helping you identify improvements faster; monitor employee well-being more effectively; and accelerate overall transformation. We call it function without the faff.

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arvato discovery engine ade

Digital engagement platforms

Our digital engagement platforms help you turbocharge the quality of your CX, drive loyalty, reduce customer effort and upsell and cross-sell. Empowering your agents with a suite of powerful customer service tools that operate across every one of your channels – and are all in one place. Speedy and easy. Integrated and omnichannel. Altogether, brilliant.

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Data security and privacy

Data. We’ll help you safeguard it. We pinpoint vulnerabilities in your current data security processes, identify the steps to take to improve them, and build data security into the heart of your ongoing digital transformation. With more than 60 years’ experience advising on data security at the highest levels, you can trust you’re in safe hands.

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Digital roadmap audit

Want to transform your business but don’t know where to start? Through our five-step programme, we identify the tools and technologies that will make the biggest contribution to your objectives, and develop a clear plan for implementation – as well as outlining expected ROI. Whether a CX transformation plan, or a map for how you can transform your back-office services, it’s clear direction, towards outstanding results.

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Customer service solutions

Need to set up, or scale-up, a customer service operation, quickly or from a standing start? We have you covered. Our offering delivers ready-made solutions that you can plug and play. We’ll handle the technology, and provide expert teams to staff it – leaving you to reap the rewards in terms of improved CX quality, engagement and sales, without having to make significant up-front investment.

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Insights and analytics

Data. It’s what underpins CX and operational excellence. Our solutions do the heavy lifting. They help you collect, manage and process data, from every touchpoint, in real-time; automatically analysing and uncovering actionable insights; identifying what’s working well – and where improvements can be unlocked. It’s our smart technology, giving you smart insights.

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Partner with leaders in digital transformation

Tech support, but certainly not as you know it. Have a no-obligation conversation with one of our experts and discover how our technology and transformation services can help you take your operations to the next level.

Understanding our approach to digital transformation

Transformation. A common objective, which we’re uncommonly good at. We’ve built our digital transformation and technology solutions around five core pillars. What does this mean for the services that we deliver to you?

Digital know-how

Our hard-won experience means your smooth journey to success. We’ve spent decades helping organisations – from leading global brands to central government departments – effectively meet their objectives through digital change. We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Our digital transformation experts work with you every step of the way to determine the right scope of transformation for your organisation, and the right pace of change.  And, when it comes to technology, we’re far from just transactional. We help you build your system, operate it and optimise it so it’s delivering to its maximum potential for you.

Applying automation 

We help you identify what processes can be automated and how, to make sure that the technology is shouldering exactly what your objectives demand – and not a byte less. Our solutions can be applied in any area of your operations – from your contract centre, to your HR team – and integrated seamlessly with your legacy systems. We’ll support you to speed up processes, improve quality, and augment manual tasks, while freeing up valuable agent or employee time, and letting technology do the heavy-lifting.

Delivering a safe pair of hands

Whether you’re transforming to bolster your security or wanting to protect against security lapses as you evolve and grow – we’re the safe pair of hands you need. A laser-like focus on security applies across the work we do, not just our dedicated security services. We help you proactively tackle any vulnerabilities within your operations and – as you transform – ensure the right checks and balances remain in place so you have full oversight of your critical data, tasks and resources.

Flexibility first

You need to be able to adapt to an ever-changing world. We help you keep pace. Whether it’s a ready-made contact-centre-as-a-service, or automating key back-office processes, we always have your flexibility and agility front of mind. Simply put, our support means won’t overinvest in transformation you don’t need or underinvest so that you’re unable to scale with your business’ peaks, or customer and citizen demands.

Enabling insights

Are you able to action data? With our solutions, you can.
From delivering information to agents at the click of a button so they can hyper-personalise a customer interaction, to building detailed performance dashboards so management teams can easily review operational performance, our technology pulls together the data you need, how you need it, when you need it.

Who we work with

Five Digital Transformation Essentials

Innovate, automate, adapt.


Deploying digital know-how to ensure a smooth journey.

Our digital transformation experts work with you every step of the way. We help you determine the right scope and pace of change.

Where there’s new technology, we don’t just provide. We help you build, run and optimise it.


Operational agilityand solutions that scale with you.

Your operational agility is our priority.

We help you reduce the risk of overspending on changes you don’t currently need, while ensuring your systems can flex so you can capitalise on new opportunities and meet increased demand.


Protect and secure by putting the right processes in place.

Mitigate the risk of costly breaches and secure critical data to stay safe and compliant. 

As you transform, we help ensure the right checks and balances are in place to ensure full oversight of critical data, tasks and resources.


Equip teams with actionable data to measure and improve.

We make sure your data and insight is joined up and available when it’s needed.

Enable better customer support – including hyper-personalisation and predictive assistance, and . unlock operational insight through powerful real-time dashboards.


Free-up valuable time and drive cost-saving efficiencies.

Let robotic process automation, chatbots and AI handle your high-volume, repetitive tasks.

 Reducing time, improving quality, while allowing your teams to focus on the most value-add work.