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Contact centre as a service

CX. Anywhere, anytime. Any scale.

We do the legwork, so that your contact operation delivers exactly what you need, when you need it.

In the age of cloud computing and shared workspaces, the benefits of modular, ‘as you need it’ solutions are clear. Less up-front investment, reduced debt on the balance sheet, greater agility and, ultimately, more commercial edge. Your customer service operation is no different. Through our contact centre as a service offering, we deliver the perfect mix of people and technology to enable you to quickly build and deploy a custom CX solution tailored to your operational requirements.

Secure, integrated and omnichannel – build a solution that fits you.

Unlock significant time and cost savings, while minimising initial investment.

Flexible and scalable – a CX proposition that grows with your organisation.


Less employee time spent on repetitive processes as a result of our solutions.


Employees empowered to
work from anywhere.

< 1 week

During the pandemic, operations that would take 5 weeks to set-up were completed in less than 1.

Ready to deploy your modular contact centre solution?

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Changing the model

It can be difficult to deploy new technology and teams within a contact centre – at pace.

Our contact centre as a service offering gives you access to ready-made solutions that you can pick, plug, and play.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll provide a solution. You benefit from the outcomes, and we’ll look after hiring, installation, training, maintenance and support – saving your teams time, slashing your overheads and shouldering the operational risk.

Everything but the kitchen sink

End to end, top to bottom. Our solutions cover every area of your contact centre operation.

Built on our cloud-based solutions architecture, we deliver everything from cutting-edge AI and automation solutions to assist agents and reduce customer effort, to sophisticated, integrated digital engagement platforms that provide full omnichannel contact capabilities.

And it’s not just about the tech. We also provide highly trained, expert agents that can be deployed quickly to support your operations – empowered with full remote-working capability, and supported through our award-winning learning and development and employee engagement programme.

Flexible. Secure.

We know part of the risk of technology investment is a spend-solution mismatch.

Over invest, and you’re left with technology and teams that aren’t directly supporting your objectives. Under invest, and you’re playing catch-up in a game where organisations simply can’t afford to be left behind.

Our contact centre as a service offering can be scaled to grow with you, giving you the confidence that your solution is keeping both your customers, and your bottom line, happy.

And you can rest easy knowing that we have your security in hand. Our information security management system is certified to the standards of central government – giving you results, and peace of mind.

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