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How we put the DfT in the fast lane to efficiencies

Discover how our ground-breaking shared services centre helped the Department for Transport unlock significant time and cost savings.

What technologies are the public sector using to drive digital transformation?

Discover what new tools are helping central government bodies significant savings in their back-office.

Making light work: The key steps to shared services success

From strategic buy-in to standardisation, discover our experts’ insight into the five key steps critical for any shared services model.

Central government

You’re under constant pressure to do more with less, all while having a vital job to do for the people and communities you serve and who rely on your services for a huge range of things.

Our simple goal is to make your citizen engagement as effective as possible, by shaping high-value, end-to-end services that reduce cost to serve, deliver efficiencies and transform experiences. We are an approved Crown Commercial provider and are committed contractually, from day one, to transformation. We bring a fast, agile and focused approach, and a drive and passion to every single partnership. To keep you at the forefront of change, we call on our deep experience in the public and private sector and in front and back-office services, and throughout we leverage powerful technology to make things faster and more flexible. It’s why multiple government departments have already given us their vote.

Challenges facing central government

Maximising value for citizens

You face a constant value challenge. We help you reimagine existing workflows and systems so you can do more, faster, for less.

From streamlining your processes through shared service centres, to implementing AI-powered self-serve, these are transformative solutions that it pays to deploy.

Find out how automation can transform your back office

Transforming systems

Weighed down by complex, convoluted legacy systems? We help you transform.

We assess your workflows and citizen journeys, and identify the tools that will make the biggest contribution to your objectives – from cutting-edge digital engagement platforms, to intelligent automation and cloud-based ERP.

Read about how intelligent automation can transform your systems and processes

Delivering seamless, multichannel citizen services

Availability and accessibility are non-negotiables in customer experience across public services.

With our solutions, interact with your citizens however they choose to engage.

Create new efficiencies through intelligent self-serve technologies, boost satisfaction through hyper-personalisation, and drive engagement through AI-supported proactive outreach.

Learn how you can meet the efficiency challenge

Guaranteeing data privacy, security and compliance

When it comes to yours and your citizens’ data, we know there’s no room for error.

We’re accredited to the highest central government standards, holding ISO27001, ISO20000, Cyber Essentials Plus and HMG PGA accreditations. And all of our systems and processes are fully auditable, supporting your compliance needs.

Read about the strength of our certifications

Speak to the team that will help you do more for citizens, for less

We know your challenges and constraints. We also know the scale of your opportunity. Contact our experts today to discuss how we can help transform your organisation’s operations.  

Who we work with

Our solutions

Problem shared, problem halved

Consolidate, streamline and automate multiple department or agencies’ IT, procurement, finance and HR systems to unlock far greater benefits than just streamlining one department alone.

Shared services

Managing the mundane

Are your teams spending too much time on basic, repetitive administration tasks? Our back-office support services leverage powerful automation and AI to take the work off their hands – saving time, reducing costs and delivering actionable insights.

Back-office support services

Your transformation roadmap

Our experts design and deliver bespoke CX strategies that meet your departments’ specific needs – pinpointing the technologies and process changes that will delight your employees and citizens.

CX strategy and consultancy

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