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The agency model: What’s the key to success?

Colin Gittens, our Director of Operations, spoke alongside changemaker to AM Online about how the agency model is inevitable in the automotive industry. They discussed how it’s not a matter of if traditional OEMs join in, but when; why we’re starting to see this shift now and what the key ingredients for success are.


How can automotive brands use CX to drive sustainability?

The automotive industry is investing huge resources in becoming more environmentally sustainable. It can’t afford not to. Not only do brands recognise their responsibility to do their part in the fight against climate change, but they’re also on a deadline to adapt to new legislation and they need to meet demand from increasingly environmentally conscious consumers.


How will digital transformation help the public sector unlock proactive engagement?

Authored by Richard Husband, Public Sector Development Director. In an environment where central government departments and local authorities have access to more channels and data than ever before, there’s a huge opportunity to use personalised outbound communication to delight citizens. Done well, it will turbocharge service quality and even save time and money.


What are today’s automotive CX imperatives?

Authored by David Morton, Sales and Solutions Director, ArvatoConnect. As industry experts highlight in our new report, automotive brands can no longer simply pin revenue and reputation to a good piece of machinery that delivers when customers turn the key.


Livestream social e-commerce: what can the automotive sector learn from retailers?

Authored by Mike Sloman, Business Development Director. Social media is playing a critical role in helping automotive firms tackle the ‘consideration challenge’. Done well, it drives user engagement and slashes the distance between the point of inspiration and the point of sale, ultimately increasing conversion rates and boosting sales. Implementing ‘live’ elements in social feeds takes this to a whole new level.