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Hybrid working

Harness the power of remote teams

Is adapting your customer service and back-office functions proving tricky?

Our hybrid solutions could be just the ticket. People and organisations have embraced the ability to work wherever suits them best. We know that hybrid working platforms are vital to deliver the outstanding experience your customers and citizens expect, wherever and whenever you might need to. We have the technology, people and expertise to deploy hybrid teams and solutions that really work.

Cutting-edge technology platforms that deliver effective, secure remote working.

Hub-and-spoke infrastructure gives you a physical central office with WFH teams.

Keep remote employees connected and engaged, while enhancing performance.


Employees empowered to work from anywhere.


Of our people prefer mostly or wholly working from home.


Reduced attrition to 20% and absences to 4% following our move to working from home.

When it comes to hybrid solutions, we’re right by your side

Tried, tested and trusted. Our hybrid working solutions couple our technological strength, with the deep insight and experience of our CX experts. Speak to one of our specialists today to see how we can help you make hybrid working, work.

Robust, digital-first operating models

Unlock the power of remote-working.

Our hybrid-working platform can empower you to deliver outstanding service to your customers and citizens, no matter where your employees are located.

Whether you’re looking to deliver an excellent experience to your retail customers, or you need a financial customer service operation that complies with FCA regulations, we’ve got your back.

Our hub-and-spoke model is built on leading cloud-based and automation technology, which ensures we can provide effective, secure remote working capabilities to deliver premium experience.

Engaged and motivated people

We know that happy, engaged and motivated people deliver the premium experiences your customers want.

We have a strong focus on employee wellbeing and are committed to fostering team collaboration through our award-winning internal people-focused initiatives.

With true virtual working, supported by a cutting-edge training platform and a national network of training hubs, we can recruit nationwide and secure the very best talent from across the UK.

Flexible, scalable, proven

We’ve been doing this for a while – and we’re good at it.

We have a strong track record in delivering hybrid solutions for household brand names and government departments.

And our solution is a highly flexible, secure, and scalable solution.

We successfully transitioned 1,000 employees to homeworking in just three weeks in early 2020 and onboarded 650 new remote workers since, while boosting productivity for our clients and our own business.

We increase capacity at short notice to meet seasonal changes in customer demand and prioritise continuous improvement by analysing outcomes and suggesting changes to how we can operate.

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