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Want to see automation in action?

Our demo lab lets you experience the power of automation, first hand. Register for free, and try and test the technology for yourself, with one of our experts on hand to help guide you through the process.

The three stages to implementing your automation solution

Our ProcessAutomate solution can be ready in as little as 30 days. Discover the key stages we work through with our clients when it comes to designing, building and optimising their custom systems.

Why Fremantle chose us as its automation partner

Great results, no drama. As one of the world’s largest media content producers and distributors, Fremantle has a lot on its hands. It needed an automation partner that could work at its scale and pace. Discover how we delivered, showstopping results.

Business process automation

Enabling you to do more for less

Manually completing mundane, repetitive, back-office tasks?

There’s a better way. Our business process automation solutions shoulder the burden, completing work in the same way that your employees would, accurately, every time. This means more time for your teams to focus on the most value-add work – whether in the back-office, or interactions with customers – while also unlocking powerful efficiencies. It’s the smart way to work. Hands down.

Operates consistently, around the clock, without errors.

Processes large volumes of work quickly – saving time and cutting costs.

Scalable and easy to implement, business-wide.


Less employee time spent on repetitive processes as a result of our solutions.


Reduction in cost per transaction for our clients through business process automation solutions.


Accuracy – our business process automation performs tasks consistently, without error.

Automation excellence – just a push of a button away

We’re industry leaders in designing and delivering bespoke, powerful business process automation solutions. We offer a no-obligation consultation to see exactly how the technology could transform your company’s operations.

How does business process automation work?

The results may be impressive, but the idea’s simple.

Business process automation uses software to create a virtual workforce that mimics how humans complete repetitive, labour-intensive tasks – whether that’s managing payroll data, updating employee records or generating finance reports.

Flexibility is built in. The technology can be applied across departments, across processes and in both the public and private sectors, integrated easily with your legacy systems and programmed to manage as much or as little of a process as required.

It allows you to add scale to a customer contact operation, without a proportionate increase in costs, and gives you the agility to rapidly respond to changing market and operational conditions – while being able to scale up or down, quickly, to meet your business’ needs.

It’s adaptable, powerful support – when you need it, where you need it.

Delivering results, every time

You require results quickly, and error-free. Our business process automation delivers it.

The technology handles large workloads quickly and consistently, significantly reducing cost-per-process and, in turn, cost to serve.

Our solutions also make every process auditable, supporting your compliance efforts.

Crucially, it frees up your most valuable asset – your employees.

With automation doing the legwork, they have more time to be creative, deliver customer experience excellence and apply their complex problem-solving skills to more complex tasks.

Bespoke solutions, true partnership

‘Same-same’ are the tasks you want to automate. Our solutions are anything but.

The business process automation we deliver is bespoke to your needs.

And we don’t just give you the technology. Our experts will provide an end-to-end service – from consultancy, through to designing, building and running the technology – you’ll be supported every step of the way.

We’ll even train your employees on the system so you can become fully self-sufficient.

It’s power to the people in more ways than one.

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