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A sum greater than its parts: five steps to shared service excellence

Combining back-office processes into a single shared service centre can unlock transformative efficiencies. But what are the secrets to success?

How can automation relieve the HR admin burden?

HR teams are inundated with repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Automation is the key – completing work reliably, as humans would, while saving up to 95% cost per process.

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Business process outsourcing services

Streamlining your systems

Amid rising costs, and squeezed budgets, you are under constant pressure to do more for less.

Your back-office, the engine-room of your operation, is ground for significant savings. Ensuring this is running as efficiently as possible will help your operation thrive – unlocking critical resources that you can redeploy to the most value-added work. But not every organisation has tackled their bottlenecks. Nearly three-quarters (71%) feel they can improve how they standardise their data capture processes. More than half (57%) feel they can do better in how efficiently their teams can access and update records.

Arvato is a leader in designing and delivering flexible, bespoke business process outsourcing services that streamline processes and drive real efficiencies. With our support, our clients are able to forget about the mundane, and focus more on the brilliant.

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Back-office support services

Fast, reliable – efficient. It’s how every back-office should be, but not how every back-office is. Our services make yours so. Through our technology, we integrate disparate and legacy infrastructure, streamlining and connecting your systems, and apply cutting-edge automation to help manage mundane, time-consuming tasks. Together, it saves time and money, and enables you to unlock powerful insights to support those that matter the most.

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Business process automation

Boring, repetitive, back-office jobs. Essential – but not always the best use of your resource. Let our technology do the tasks instead – enabling you to focus on the important work, while saving you significant time and money. Scaleable, quick-to-implement, and applicable across departments – it’s the flexible, reliable, extra pair of hands you’ve always wished for.

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Enterprise resource planning

Do you have an enterprise resource planning system? Are you confident that it’s delivering for how you operate, and able to adapt as your business evolves? We help you build and develop flexible, scaleable solutions that grow with you, upgrading and migrating your system without it being costly, complex and cumbersome. Whether cloud-based or on-premises, and regardless of your platform provider, we have the technical expertise and experience to help you make your chosen solution work for you.

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Hybrid working

The benefits of remote and hybrid-based working are clear. We build, manage and equip teams so they can function efficiently, securely and effectively. With the aid of cloud-based and automation technology, we ensure you can continue to deliver a consistent, seamless quality of service to customers, from any location, at any time. And we drive results by prioritising employee wellbeing – building connected, motivated teams that always make our colleagues feel right at home.

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Shared services

A problem shared is a problem halved. By combining back-office functions from different departments or even organisations into a single, shared unit, we help unlock significant time and cost efficiencies and improve service for your customers and your colleagues.

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When it comes to back-office, we’ll put you out front

Efficient, flexible, bespoke. Our back-office systems power central government, and leading global brands. Speak to our experts and see how our back-office solutions can deliver for you.

Understanding how we approach business process outsourcing

We believe there are five key elements to business process outsourcing success. What does this mean for the services that we deliver for you?

Re-imagining your processes

We help you assess, rationalise and re-engineer your back-office. Through our bespoke transformation roadmaps, our experts help you pinpoint your biggest opportunities for change, and the technologies that will help you realise your objectives – now and in the future.  Efficiency is key. We help you remove process duplication, seamlessly integrate new technology with legacy systems and deliver faster, simpler workflows, so you can save both time and reduce costs. And we can help identify where you could benefit from economies of scale by bringing together multiple systems or departments into a shared services model.

Deploying the right technology

We help you deploy powerful digital technology, that is right for your organisation, and your objectives. By taking a digital-first approach, our solutions mean you can better connect your vital back-office systems with your departments and teams. This can mean putting data – faster – at your fingertips to be able to shape your services to delight your customers, citizens, and employees; or building cloud-based central administrative systems that mean your employees can securely and effectively work from any geographic location. 

Applying automation

Doing more for less. It’s the dream, that – through our next generation automation technology – can help make a reality. We help you identify where your back-office systems can be automated, and design custom solutions for your specific needs. This can be forboth for your internal departments, and to support employees in customer or citizen-facing roles. Our solutions help you free-up valuable time, improve service quality, and reduce cost-per-process – and ultimately your cost to serve.

Securing systems

We know the stakes, and the value of your reputation. You can’t afford a security breach. We take every step to prevent it. Our experts help you assess vulnerabilities in your systems and take steps to strengthen them, so yours and your customers’, or citizens’ critical data is protected. Meanwhile, our own operations comply with security levels usually reserved for central government. With us, you’re in safe hands.

Enabling insight

Knowledge is power. We put the information you need, in your hands. Our systems help make your data joined-up, searchable, accessible and presentable. This unlocks a world of opportunity. With our solutions, you can enable your teams to deliver hyper-personalised service to connect with those that matter the most. Or, use one of our powerful digital operational dashboards or systems, to gain deep, up-to-the-minute insight into your business’ performance – measuring results, and pinpointing areas for improvement.

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Five Imperatives To BPO success

Streamline, automate and secure.


Streamline and re-engineer your back-office.

Develop bespoke transformation roadmaps to streamline essential processes, and pinpoint opportunities for economies of scale.

Remove duplication, build around legacy systems, and deliver faster, simpler workflows. 


Deploying digital know-how to ensure a smooth journey.

Better integrate your back-office with your departments and teams. 

Delight those that matter most by bridging back-office and customer-facing operations; enabling hybrid-working; and unlocking efficiencies through powerful ERP systems.


Protect and secure by putting the right processes in place.

Mitigate the risk of costly breaches and secure critical data to stay safe and compliant. 

Implement enhanced checks and re-work processes to ensure full oversight of critical data, tasks and resources.


Equip teams with actionable data to measure and improve.

Enable better customer, employee and citizen support – including hyper-personalisation and predictive assistance.

Unlock deeper operational insight through powerful real-time digital dashboards to support continuous improvement.


Free-up valuable time and drive cost-saving efficiencies.

Let robotic process automation, chatbots and AI handle your high-volume, repetitive tasks.

 Reducing time, improving quality, while allowing your teams to focus on the most value-add work.