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How will CX need to evolve for the electric vehicle era?

The EV revolution is here. Automotive brands need to ensure their customer experience is keeping pace. Read our report and discover exactly how your strategies will need to adapt.

Can you harness connected car data?

69% of drivers would be happy to share in-car data with service providers. How can the mobility sector use the explosion of data to create new services, build long term relationships and unlock multiple value exchanges?

Why a premium global automotive group chose Arvato as its customer experience partner

See how we’ve helped this household name speed ahead of its competition through our customer experience and financial services support.


Want to put your CX in the fast lane?

The sector is in the middle of its biggest paradigm shift in history; electric vehicles and the connected ecosystem; new customer buying behaviours and ever-changing demands; the onset of the ‘Agency’ model. The mobility era truly is at our doorstep.

Putting the customer at the heart of the journey is the difference between those who will thrive and those who will fall behind. We are here to reimagine, shape and deliver customer experiences and business processes for players in the mobility industry. Across multiple channels, the entire customer lifecycle and digital customer journey. From buying cars online and end-to-end financial customer service, through to aftersales support — we harness ingenious technology throughout to deliver seamless, reliable and highly personalised experiences. Ultimately, influencing choice, building brand loyalty and helping you confidently take control to turn leads into true advocacy consumers.

Challenges facing automotive

Shifting gears on customer experience

The increasing popularity of leasing options and evolving ownership models mean customers can jump between cars and brands more easily than ever before.

That means driving loyalty is of critical importance. Our CX and customer financial services solutions help build and foster relationships, increasing all-important retention, and revenue.

Learn how brands must work harder

EV transitions without any pitstops

The EV revolution is here, and many drivers will need extra support and information as they look to make the transition.

We can help allay their concerns and improve satisfaction through personalised, proactive communication and fast, knowledgeable responses to inbound queries, across multiple channels.

Find out how to prepare for the electric vehicle takeover

Connect and compete

The rise of the connected car is an opportunity brands can’t afford to ignore. More data, means more opportunities for personalisation – if brands can harness, analyse and act on the information streams.

Our solutions help you do this – translating bits and bytes into customer experience and sales brilliance.

How can you survive in the era of the connected car?

Electric vehicle charging

Transforming expertise to excellence

Knowledge. It’s what turns any customer interaction from good to great.

Drivers expect your agents to know your vehicles from glovebox to gearbox. We immerse our customer service teams in your brand, so they have the experience to deliver this.

Learn three considerations for EV charging infrastructure

With our experts, put your brand in pole position

Speak to our automotive specialists to discover what CX manoeuvres you should be making to get ahead.

Who we work with

Our solutions

Develop your roadmap

End-to-end consultancy, with clear objectives and expected ROI, to help you identify the CX technologies and approaches that will make the biggest difference to your business – and your customers.

CX strategy and consultancy

Cruise on automatic

Use powerful customer service automation tools that work with agents, and independently, to help unlock powerful insights, slash response times and reduce customer effort.

Customer service automation

Service, on the money

Boost retention, revenue and service quality through our FCA-accredited customer financial services – delivering multichannel support to customers at every stage of their lifecycle, from vehicle finance plans to pay-outs.

Financial customer services

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