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Three Retail Imperatives for 2022

Customer experience and back-office solutions – from robotic process automation to intelligent chatbots powered by AI – will help brands meet today’s biggest retail challenges.

Done well, they can help you unlock time and cost efficiencies, cut waste and deliver the consistently high quality service your customers expect, across a growing range of channels.  


  • How automation can help you ease the impact of staff shortages and rising input prices – freeing-up resources and saving up to 95% in cost-per-process
  • How hyper-personalisation can tackle soaring return volumes, in turn reducing your brand’s environmental footprints
  • Our data on how prepared retailers are to serve customers across channels, and our experts’ insight into the future of e-commerce on social media  

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Every retailer faces its own challenges. With more than 15 years’ experience supporting leading global retail brands, we can help you review your customer contact solutions and back office processes to support you in transforming and future-proofing your operations. 

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