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The customer, data & the future of connected mobility

We live large parts of our lives online – from shopping to dating. We receive recommendations based on data harvested by search engines, websites, and apps. An ecosystem of companies, large and small, turn this data into services designed to build long-term relationships, by providing a value exchange.

The mobility sector is rapidly evolving away from its automotive parent but is still in its infancy, yet to master the challenge of using data to feed customer-centric service ecosystems. Arvato and change maker see this as a period of massive opportunity.

On 17th November 2022, we invited thought leaders, from across the sector to Bletchley Park to discuss how to put the customer at the centre of a connected mobility ecosystem, and how to effectively use data across this ecosystem to build long-term customer relationships.

This summary highlights the key takeaways from the day.


  • Why it’s important that we do this and the opportunity to better serve our customers, society, and the planet.
  • How the industry needs to collaborate to make this happen, through aggregating data and starting to think about customer lifecycle value not simply unit sales.
  • How tech like autonomous vehicles and digital personal assistants will create further opportunities, but this needs to be coupled with putting people first to build enduring relationships.

Our experts agreed that technology is not the barrier but rather how well the sector can adopt new ideas. That’s what will enhance or inhibit its ability to innovate and capitalise on change.

This is a very brief distillation of a rich and wide-ranging discussion – a full report on which will be available in early 2023.

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