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In the driving seat

Putting the customer at the heart of the connected ecosystem

69% of drivers would be happy to share in-car data with service providers. How can the mobility sector use the explosion of data to create new services, build long term relationships and unlock multiple value exchanges?

Creating this customer-centric ecosystem to deliver services offers enormous opportunity, but also represents a threat – if the sector doesn’t do it, someone from outside the industry almost certainly will.

We partnered with changemaker to bring together experts from across the industry – from car makers and providers of services such as leasing, insurance, roadside assistance and parking, to pioneers in ground-breaking technologies, and representatives from government agencies and academia – to answer this burning question.

This paper summarises the rich and varied insights we gathered, including:  

  • Why is it an imperative, not nice to have for the sector? Can we better serve the customer, society, and the planet?
  • What might this ecosystem look like and what services could it provide?
  • How can brands make it happen?
  • Commentary from mobility leaders, including Anya Ernest, Principal Engineer for Innovation at Polestar; Tom Fawcett, CEO of AA-X; Lee Colman, Chief Production Officer at SBD Automotive and Prashant Gupta, Senior Director Connected Solutions Advisory at DMI

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