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Agency model: turning traditional vehicle purchasing models on their head

Gone are the days where the dealership was the first, and only, touchpoint for a driver in the market. Today, OEMs are increasingly speeding towards an ‘agency model’ where they sell direct to drivers and use their dealer partners to provide elements like delivery and servicing.

This pivotal transformation is set to be one of the biggest disruptors in the automotive industry and is demanding new thought to the customer experience.

The agency model will redefine the existing supply chain and pave the way for new business models, creating a direct and transparent relationship between manufacturers and consumers – and more importantly, bringing real value for both.

If done well, this promises stronger relationships, new revenue streams, increased loyalty and a joined-up view of the customer. But to get there, manufacturers will need to navigate huge organisational changes, regulatory and compliance hurdles, technical integrations, and culture and behavioural shifts – all while putting the customer at the heart of the ecosystem.

How can brands make sure they are in the driving seat of this change? How can they seamlessly accelerate their services to meet customer expectations? Watch our video with changemaker to find out…

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