Why communication is vital to successful transformation

Why communication is vital to successful transformation

24th August 2023 · Arvato · Blog, News

Our Head of Intelligent Automation, Mike Stewart, spoke to The Business Desk about the importance of communication for embracing digital disruption, rather than fearing it, in order for organisations implementing new technologies and ways of working to be successful.

He discussed how this was the case when introducing automation into both a local authority – to process more than 15,000 invoices in four months – and with Wales Air Ambulance Charity to help support its lottery processes. In one of these examples, he said:

After overcoming initial nervousness, the digital worker has become such a part of the team that it was given a name, Gary

He talked about the need to introduce such disruptions using a ‘start small, think big’ approach, which looks at the potential for the innovation and how it fits into a client’s strategy and objectives, but begins with a smaller proof of concept. This means it can be implemented quickly to gain buy-in at all levels of the organisation and showcase it’s benefits too. 

This is where clear and open communication is very important. Mike states:

Before you begin any type of digital transformation, for any project, make sure you gather all the key stakeholders and then go through the design experience to get their desires, the goals, the fears and frustrations.

Ultimately, you describe how employees will be affected by the change, what support they will receive, and allow them to ask questions and express their concerns. Once you’ve got those key elements in, what you see then is a successful plan.

This helps overcome what he explains are the four main challenges for digital transformation – a lack of understanding, conflicting definitions, managing change, and a lack of resources.

You can read the full Business Desk article here. Mike will also be speaking at the Disruptors technology conference in Leeds on the 30th November, alongside The University of Leeds. You can register for the event for free here.

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