Celebrating Pride Month 2023 at ArvatoConnect

Celebrating Pride Month 2023 at ArvatoConnect

6th July 2023 · Arvato · News

For Pride Month 2023, we reached out to our entire workforce to get a feel for how they’d like to celebrate and acknowledge Pride this year.

We wanted to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and the history of Pride Month in a way that would best engage the wider business, which is why employee input was so important. Our main aims were to educate, raise awareness, and promote inclusivity in the best way we can – and that’s exactly what we did.  

Rainbow Day 

We hosted a ‘Rainbow Day’ on Thursday 22nd June. Those who took part, either came into the office or worked from home in brightly coloured clothing to show their unity and support for Pride. We saw some creative and colourful rainbow outfits across all our UK sites, so thank you to everyone who took part in the Pride fun! 

We also ran a photo competition to see the variety of Rainbow Day outfits where employees, who wanted to enter, uploaded a photo of their rainbow-themed outfit, pets, children, or work desk space. 

Thank you to all those who entered and a huge well done to our winner Deborah, and our two runners up Thomas and the Swansea team.  

Taste the Rainbow 

Skittles sweets were distributed at all our sites throughout June. We did this because the brand’s Pride Month 2023 incentive is something we wanted to promote and support. Here’s what Skittles said regarding their planned Pride support this year:  

“We’ve Given Up Our Rainbow So That The LGBTQ+ Community Can Share Theirs. This Pride Month, we’re amplifying stories within the LGBTQ+ community for all to discover by showcasing the designs of five talented artists on our SKITTLES Pride Packs, each with their own story to tell.” 

Follow the link for more: PRIDE | SKITTLES® . 

Our Friday Queer Quiz  

Following on from Rainbow Day, we ran a day-long ‘Queer Quiz’ on Friday 23rd June. Six photos of inspirational queer icons were shared on our internal direct messaging channel, ‘MyVoice’. Those who guessed the right icon hiding behind our carefully placed rainbow won a voucher prize.  

With over 350 entries, we’re very pleased that so many of our employees wanted to take part in the fun, yet educational quiz. A huge well done to our winners Kathy, Fergus, Kim, Angela, Navreen and Louise. 

We wholeheartedly believe it’s our differences that make our organisation stronger and promote diversity and inclusion in everything we do. So, a huge thank you to everyone for always being 100% yourselves and making Pride Month 2023 activities thoroughly enjoyable for all.

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