Digital transformation solutions are helping charities save time and money to focus on their mission

Digital transformation solutions are helping charities save time and money to focus on their mission

22nd May 2023 · Arvato · Blog, News

A recent article by Third Sector, talks about how Mike Stewart, Intelligent Automation Practice Lead from ArvatoConnect, hosted a roundtable at the Third Sector C-Suite Summit, to discuss how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and digital transformation solutions can help charities deliver time-efficient savings sustainably to focus on their mission.

They were joined by James Stephens, Director of Finance and Commercial Services, from the Wales Air Ambulance Charity, who Arvato have been working in partnership with over the past 18 months to discuss the scope, benefits and future of digital workers and transformative technologies within charity operations. Historically, running the lottery required Wales Air Ambulance Charity to manually update and manage two different systems. Using Arvato’s RPA solution, ProcessAutomate, lottery players’ data is now automatically inputted and sign-up letters and direct debit forms are automatically generated and sent via email. It also deals with cancellations and the running of the lottery draw – all without human interaction. From reducing human error to automating finance reports, and running 24/7, RPA has huge benefits. However, while it can deal with the admin side of direct debit cancellations, you still need a human touch. By automating many of the manual processes, it frees up time for employees to pick up the phone and create ‘wow’ moments for supporters.

James from the Wales Air Ambulance Charity said:

We automate to put a personal touch on it.

Wales Air Ambulance Charity

You can read more about the Wales Air Ambulance Charity case study here.

The piece summaries the numerous discussions that took place at the event, which included the benefits to automation, the potential barriers that can be overcome for implementation, how the solution can be used not only in big charities and then finally closing with the added value it brings.

Mandy Dunell, Lottery Administration Manager at Wales Air Ambulance Charity, said:

Now with the introduction of automation within the lottery process, I can spend more time adding value with our charity supporters. I have much more job satisfaction as I’m doing the parts of my role that I love and have a real passion for.

Mark Stevens, Head of Fundraising at Wales Air Ambulance, also present at the event, said:

This is not only key for the charity, but also for our employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

You can read the full article here. To learn more about how our solutions can help your Charity, contact our specialist by emailing

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