How mobility brands can put themselves in pole-position for personalisation

How mobility brands can put themselves in pole-position for personalisation

4th April 2023 · Arvato · Blog, News

Authored by David Morton, Sales & Solutions Director, ArvatoConnect

The ability to deliver a hyper-personalised service is an imperative for brands across the mobility sector.   

Not only does it improve the quality of customer experience, but for many customers it’s a ‘make-or-break’ factor in deciding which services they’ll engage with and who they continue to purchase from. A recent poll we conducted with 1,000 UK drivers1 found that four in ten (42%) would change brands if their experience wasn’t sufficiently tailored to their needs. How can businesses do this effectively?

Achieving a single customer view

The engine that drives any effective personalised customer experience is a detailed 360-degree customer view, containing everything you know about them. This can range from basic demographic information to details on vehicles and services they’ve purchased, and previous interactions they’ve had with your brand. 

All of this data needs to be available in one place and easily accessible so it can guide and inform interactions with customers as they happen.

This can be easier said than done. Information can often be across separate systems, and sometimes from separate businesses if information is held by a variety of partners – as is likely to more common in an increasingly connected mobility ecosystem and with the shift to the agency model. Getting it together in one place and in a single format can be a resource-sapping exercise.

Here, intelligent automation solutions can help. These gather information from a wide range of sources – including vehicles themselves – and clean and order it, before adding it to a central database, ready for use.

From manual to automatic

By automating this data management process, you can allow it to run around the clock without need for human intervention.

Because it’s always on, data is constantly on hand – so useful pieces of intelligence aren’t missed or delayed. And, crucially, you’re freeing-up your team members’ valuable skills, time and attention for more value-added tasks.

Importantly, automation can help make sure data is available across every contact channel, from mobile apps to self-service chatbots.

That means that no matter how a driver or customer wants to interact or communicate with you, they can receive the same personal treatment and seamless resolution of issues on their channel of choice.

The power of artificial intelligence (AI)

To take personalisation to the next level, brands can also apply artificial intelligence and predictive behavioural analytics to augment agents’ work and generate real-time suggestions based on customer’s specific profiles.

Done well, this helps shift service from being reactive to proactive – even enabling you to delight customers by anticipating their needs before they even arise.

For instance, it could be that a customer’s browsing or purchasing history suggests they’re likely to want or particular product or service – whether that’s a vehicle configuration to allow space for pets or children, or a specific roadside assistance policy.

Through AI, these recommendations are generated in the form of suggested ‘next best actions’ and delivered directly and instantly to agents’ fingertips or fed into self-serve systems.

As with intelligent automation that helps create and maintain 360-degree customer profiles, it can also be applied across any channel.

This not only improves the quality of the interaction for the customer – and supports all-important retention – but unlocks up- and cross-selling opportunities too, by enabling brands to appropriately offer drivers what they know they might need or want at a relevant time. 

Putting service in the fast lane

As we highlighted in our recent report, produced in partnership with changemaker, one of the biggest challenges faced by the mobility sector is how to use data to effectively feed customer-centric ecosystems.

There’s huge opportunity for those businesses that can get it right. Data-driven personalisation will be a factor that encourages drivers and customers to both engage with new products and services, and critically, stay with brands once they’re onboard. 

With the right technology and support, you can successfully deliver the tailored experience that will help put your services and brand in the fast lane. For more information on how we can help develop your personalisation foundation, contact us today by emailing:


  1. Survey of 1,000 UK drivers conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Arvato, November 2022.

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