Personalisation is now retail’s CX battleground. Here’s how brands can stand out.

Personalisation is now retail’s CX battleground. Here’s how brands can stand out.

16th December 2021 · Arvato · News

David Morton, Sales & Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect spoke to Retail Week about how brands’ customer service reputations are now won and lost on their ability to personalise customer interactions.

Our own data shows that just a third (32%) of retailers have the processes in place for hyper-personalisation, despite consumers being 40% more likely to spend beyond what they’d originally planned when experiences are highly personalised (Google 2020).

This represents a real challenge, but one that is essential to overcome to remain competitive.

In this piece, David outlines the three key steps retailers should take to put hyper-personalisation in place effectively. The first starts with building a 360-degree view of the customer:

Brands need to start by mapping the processes that underpin their customer service and identify where any improvements and optimisations in integration can be made. This will ensure valuable information about a customer and their purchase behaviour isn’t wasted or missed. From here, they can work to consolidate customer data into their CRM system.

David then goes on to explain how this time-consuming process can be enabled by intelligent automation to free up agents to focus on more complex or value-added tasks, while also reducing costs.

He then discusses how augmenting humans and creating a CX transformation roadmap can ensure brands can start – and continue – to sustainably achieve strong personalisation and customer experience results.

Further augmenting skills with tools like artificial intelligence (AI) can help unlock powerful insights that will take personalisation to the next level. Tech like AI can deliver real-time insights that agents can use to tailor the experiences they provide, no matter which channel a customer engaged with the brand through or their specific need.

Also “continually assessing which parts of the customer journey could be most enhanced by a more personalised offering will help ensure that brands’ investment is delivering maximum returns, in terms of both satisfaction and the bottom line.”

At Arvato, we help some of the world’s biggest retail businesses implement technology solutions to create more tailored customer journeys. You can read David’s full article for Retail Week here and download our personalisation how-to guide here.

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