Delivering hyper-personalisation through a CX transformation roadmap

Delivering hyper-personalisation through a CX transformation roadmap

14th December 2021 · Arvato · News

David Morton, Sales & Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect spoke to Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) about how brands can implement technology to transform how they collate, analyse, and use customer data, to deliver hyper-personalisation.

Most of us now expect brands to deliver hyper-personalised experiences. This means meeting our specific needs across every channel and adapting changes in our preferences in real-time. However, for many organisations this can be challenging, especially if they are a large business with legacy systems that are moving along their digital transformation journey.

In this article, David explores some basic steps of adapting technologies to improve the customer experience. The first involves building a single view of the customer to understand how they interact with a brand across their entire purchasing journey and using intelligent automation to support this. It can “help to build and maintain the rich customer data banks businesses need, while also reducing overheads and freeing-up employees’ time. For example, brands can use intelligent automation to manage and update delivery and returns information. Additionally, brands can use such management systems to collate and combine sales data from in-store point-of-sale systems and a customer’s online shopping history.”

“With a centralised data repository that is updated in real-time, brands can subsequently use technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), predictive behavioural omnichannel routing and customer journey analytics to draw real-time insights to tailor the experiences agents provide.” This is key to freeing up time so agents can spend more focussing on the more complex, value-add elements of customer interaction.

While consumer demand for greater personalisation is clear, knowing how and when to implement technologies like intelligent automation or AI can be a serious challenge for businesses. Having the right tools in place will pay dividends for customer satisfaction – and ultimately brands’ bottom lines.

At Arvato, we’ve developed our CX Transformation Roadmap Builder to help brands tackle this challenge head-on. The free-to-use tool delivers a bespoke transformation plan that highlights the greatest opportunities for a business to reduce costs, increase sales and improve service quality.

You can read David’s full article for CXM here.

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