Combine data and knowledge to future proof your customer experience in the EV era

Combine data and knowledge to future proof your customer experience in the EV era

30th June 2020 · Arvato · Blog, News

Authored by Parham Saebi, Customer Service Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect

Customer experience will be the linchpin in ensuring the industry can successfully take drivers on their electric vehicle (EV) journey. 

It will be essential in delivering the consistent, personalised experiences and support that customers, the majority of whom will have just made the change from their petrol, diesel or hybrid car, will need. The right service builds loyalty and confidence quickly, and revenue opportunities will follow. 

The key will be to marry expert knowledge of EVs and all the services which are linked to them, with data-led customer service solutions, which pull together the huge volumes of information drivers provide at a growing number of touchpoints.

From a maintenance perspective, EVs, linked with connected car technology are – quite literally – wired to continuously generate data on vehicle health, from tyre pressure and engine temperature to air con faults and battery health. They also collect information on drivers, capturing data on media preferences, favourite locations, energy use and even driving patterns and behaviour.

At Arvato, we work closely with our automotive clients to bring those two vital ingredients together to provide premium customer experiences for their drivers. 

There are three key benefits this delivers which will be vital in building loyalty with EV customers:


Our platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to collate and analyse data continually from every touchpoint to create a 360-degree view of the customer.  

By continually updating driver profiles with the latest information, it provides customer service representatives with a complete, real-time picture of the driver and the vehicle on a single platform, meaning businesses can make hyper-personalised recommendations and have more meaningful, targeted communication with customers. 

It also empowers manufacturers and service providers to create new upselling opportunities, with greater ability to reach customers proactively with personalised products and services at the right time, from tailored finance deals to accessory offers for their new EV.  

Consistent communication

This technology enables the data to be shared across every interaction channel, from mobile apps to self-service chatbots. So no matter how a driver wants to interact or communicate with you, they can receive the same personal treatment and seamless resolution of issues without the need to repeat information. This will be critical for drivers who have just made the switch to EVs and will enable businesses to strengthen their customer relationships. 

In the era of the EV, it will mean firms across the sector, from retailers to lease providers and parts distributors, can build a conversation beyond the initial purchase and connect with their customers more regularly. Whether that’s celebrating their EV anniversary with a new tailored offer or pro-actively checking in to discuss battery life and performance. 

Enhanced experiences

The more data our agents have, coupled with the in-depth knowledge of our clients’ brands, vehicles, products and services, the greater the quality of experience customers receive when they make contact for support. 

As vehicle technology becomes more complex and is new to many drivers, customers will expect the representatives they engage with to have a detailed knowledge of their car or van and be able to provide accurate and clear guidance quickly and where possible proactively. A commuter having problems with connecting to a charging point, for example, will not have time to wait. 

For many it will be a step into the unknown, and drivers will require a new level of support from both manufacturers and the service providers they use. Their loyalty will erode quicker in the era of the EV. 

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