How to maximise social media as a customer service channel

How to maximise social media as a customer service channel

5th March 2020 · Arvato · News

Parham Saebi, Customer Service Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect, spoke to AM Online about how automotive brands can take ownership of the customer journey through social media, maximising customer loyalty to help boost sales. 

Automotive companies were early adopters of social media, but research shows they have been slow to realise their full potential as customer service channels.

This represents a missed opportunity. Working alongside other service channels, social media can form a key part of the customer experience mix, as a key tool in supporting the customer journey.

As well as generating loyalty, it can also boost the bottom line – companies that do leverage social see revenue per contact improve by 6.7 per cent year-on-year through up-selling, cross-selling and reduction in customer churn.

In his piece, Parham outlines simple steps automotive companies can take to nurture key stages of their journey: “Social media can guide customers all the way through from awareness and purchase to retention and brand advocacy. It is a space to be creative, display products in a visually appealing way, boost engagement and stand out to potential customers.”

Parham also explains that social media is most effective when used as part of a suite of customer service tools: “It plays a key role in forming a ‘360-degree view of the customer’, enabling dealerships to provide bespoke, personalised communications developed through capturing data from across every customer touchpoint and every channel and interaction.

“Through leveraging AI, this data allows brands and dealerships to build a holistic profile of customer details and use this to tailor the customer journey through positive, productive and proactive dialogue.”

Our approach to social media customer service and the key steps for ensuring success are detailed in our recent whitepaper, along with an in-depth case study of the work we have delivered for a French multinational automobile manufacturer.

You can find out more here, and read Parham’s full article for AM Online here.

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