Evolving customer service in the connected car era

Evolving customer service in the connected car era

16th August 2019 · Arvato · News, Press Releases

David Morton, Sales and Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect, explains how the era of the connected car is set to transform the relationship between dealerships and manufacturers and their customers in AM Online. 

The emergence of the connected car has transformed the automotive industry. The technologies they use are increasingly able to understand and interact with a driver’s physical environment, other vehicles – and the driver themselves – fundamentally altering our experience of mobility.

Crucially, this new generation of vehicles provides manufacturers and car dealerships with new opportunities to generate customer insights and provide tailored services to their drivers by using the wealth of data now available to them. The challenge is to retain their relationship with the customer in the face of competition from others in the market – such as software, mobility and technology providers.

In the era of the connected car, the experience delivered throughout the entire customer journey will become a key differentiator.

David says: “A key priority must be making use of the vast quantity of data available as connected vehicles become more prevalent. Traditionally, car companies have not had the opportunity to use customer data to its full advantage, as their access to a high volume of digital touch points has been limited.

“But now, automotive brands can capitalise on a raft of information on everything from driving patterns and vehicle condition, to media preferences and favourite driver locations. Armed with this level of granular data, brands can design and create innovative new products and service offerings that will enhance the driving experience and boost customer loyalty.

“Generating in-depth insights into driver desires provides brands with the scope to take ownership of the customer relationship and provide a new level of proactive, personalised and meaningful experiences. Through delivering the highest levels of service, they will be able to harness customer loyalty before other emerging players in the market and own the relationship and the associated revenues throughout its lifecycle.”

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