Creating a single customer view – key to transforming CX

Creating a single customer view – key to transforming CX

6th August 2019 · Arvato · News

David Morton, Sales and Solutions Director at ArvatoConnect, explains to Customer Experience Magazine (CXM) how brands can take advantage of the wealth of data available to them to deliver the seamless and proactive experience customers demand. 

Brands are working harder than ever to enhance the customer experience, as people increasingly demand a streamlined and immediate service from the companies they interact with.

But while companies currently offer an average of eleven channels through which customers can make contact – from webchat and apps to email and phone communication – the challenge is that these systems, and the processes behind them, are rarely connected. Insights gathered from each interaction are often fed into individual silos for each channel. Research from Dimension Data found that only eight per cent of companies believe that all of these points of contact with the customer are integrated, with a third unable to track customer journeys at all.

To put it simply, these businesses lack a ‘single view of the customer’. In an article for Customer Experience Magazine, David explains how brands can successfully develop a 360-degree customer platform to overcome these challenges and help them deliver a joined-up and bespoke, tailored experience.

He says: “The solution is to create one automated platform, underpinned by artificial intelligence (AI), that collates data for each customer at every possible touch point. By providing this information to customer service agents in a dashboard format, they have all of the up-to-date, relevant information they need to answer a query.

“These new digital tools empower advisors to interact with customers in the most efficient and knowledgeable way. They also provide an opportunity for businesses to upskill their employees, equipping them with top quality communications skills to enable them to field the most complex queries and handle high-value requests, such as those requiring negotiation or emotional sensitivity.

“Data presents an opportunity for businesses to create a holistic view of each of their customers, which they must capitalise on in order to deliver the outstanding service expected of them. This approach will allow them to benefit from the highest levels of customer satisfaction, helping to boost customer loyalty for the long-term and – crucially – drive sales. “

Read the full article here.

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