Harnessing voice tech popularity to deliver better customer service

Harnessing voice tech popularity to deliver better customer service

1st March 2019 · Arvato · News

Parham Saebi, Head of Client Relations, ArvatoConnect, has spoken to CXM about how brands can seamlessly integrate emerging voice technologies into their customer service offering.

While digital text-based platforms have been the focus of the customer service channel shift in recent years, customers are falling back in love with voice.

This presents a growing opportunity for brands to use voice assistant technology to respond to common customer service queries 24 hours a day. But the challenge is to integrate new voice technologies with existing platforms, providing a seamless experience that is consistent across all communication touch points.

Parham argues that it’s crucial voice technology is deployed in a way that is genuinely useful for customers.

“To engage with customers meaningfully, companies must be able to effectively leverage the technology that underpins all automated platforms – data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). AI is already allowing brands to deliver round-the-clock solutions to customer enquiries, using automation and data to process simple questions and provide responses via chatbots. The next step is to broaden the scope of queries that this technology can manage.

“The popularity of voice means that consumers will increasingly rely on this and other smart channels to find answers to day-to-day queries. But for those more challenging requests and judgement-based tasks, customer service representatives will remain crucial.

“Businesses must ensure that all employees are equipped with the digital capabilities they need to operate in this tech-enabled environment, but also ensure that an empathetic approach, strong communication and problem-solving skills form a core part of their skill set.”

You can read Parham’s full feature here.

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