Tackling the four key customer service pain points faced by fast-growing start-ups

Tackling the four key customer service pain points faced by fast-growing start-ups

4th January 2019 · Arvato · News

Parham Saebi, Head of Client Relations, CRM solutions at Arvato and Ireland, has been featured in Contact Centres Magazine discussing how fast-growing start-ups can ensure they continue providing excellent customer service as they scale up their operations.

Delivering premium and consistent customer service has become a key competitive differentiator for businesses – findings from Forrester, a market research company, show that more than three quarters of UK adults say a positive experience is more important than the product.

For fast-growing start-ups, one of the key challenges to scaling their operations successfully is ensuring they can continue to provide an excellent customer service. Any fall in quality can have a significant impact on customer loyalty, which is then likely to have a negative knock-on effect on sales and stunt further growth.

In his piece, Parham outlines that to address this challenge, these firms must expand and upskill teams to deliver a more responsive and personalised approach, plan ahead for sales peaks and troughs, differentiate the customer experience when expanding into new markets and introduce new infrastructure and processes to minimise the risk of security and data breaches.

He says: “Fast-growing start-ups often attribute their success to intuitively knowing what their customers want and, as such, customer experience forms an essential part of their DNA. But this rapid success and expansion means companies regularly face these four common challenges. They must adopt a systematic approach to mapping out customer service operations if they are to continue delivering premium experiences.”

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