Genuine human interaction – how we help a Spanish telecoms company deliver premium experiences

Genuine human interaction – how we help a Spanish telecoms company deliver premium experiences

2nd January 2018 · Arvato · News

Estelle Wienk, Global Social Media Consultant at Arvato, has been featured in Customer Experience magazine discussing how the human touch is key to delivering premium experiences through social media.

The key to achieving genuine engagement is to listen to what consumers need and reach out proactively in a relevant and meaningful way. People don’t want to feel like they are speaking to a robot, or receiving a generic, scripted message which they can see has been sent to numerous other users on Twitter or Instagram – they want personalised interaction.

An example of a brand which has boosted its customer satisfaction by adopting this approach is a Spanish telecom provider which launched in 2014. The business wanted to establish itself as an exciting, cost-effective operator for young digital natives. It identified that delivering memorable customer experiences on social media would be crucial if it was to create brand awareness and advocates in such a highly competitive market.

As a result of this approach, the operator has gained over 270,000 clients in Spain in just three years and increased its Twitter followers and Facebook fans by 94 per cent and 159 per cent respectively. On top of this, the business now has organic Twitter and Facebook engagement rates of 3.5 per cent and 5.3 per cent respectively, which are significantly higher than the industry average.

Estelle said: “The brand’s success shows that delivering personable experiences can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction, which in turn can deliver improvements in loyalty. Clearly social media is a key avenue to achieving this, but brands should not limit this human, personable approach to social media – it should be integrated across all of their customer service operations.”

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